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Los Angeles Car Exchange (LACarex)  is a cars wholesale business sector of Global USA company. Our company provides wholesale trade of motor vehicles, as well as supports customers to find their favorite cars from the major US auctions and other markets (from private sellers, US car dealers). LACarex has over 10 years experience in this field.


We have all tools to effectively arrange your car search  in US auctions or in other markets, to arrange financial control of the car purchase, in some cases, such as purchases from US dealers, to assist in accomplish the seller identity verification and their license legality verification. If the vehicle purchased through our help, we will help to ship it to your target destination  along of USA or outside the USA.


Our specialists regularly select cars from different auctions, which may be interesting to our customers, and publish in Selected Cars section. If you can not find your preferred  car in Selected Cars section, then contact us and our specialists  will do the search for you based on your preferences and you will be offered the best options.


If you find a vehicle which is on sale in US auctions or other markets: by a private seller or by a US car dealer, then you have to forward us the car and seller information so that we can accomplish the seller identity verification, to arrange financial control of the buy transaction, documentation overview and the transportation process to your desired destination.


Check out the home page in particular Steps descriptions for more details about our services.


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