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Find Your Car

How I can find my car?

Which sources do you recommend for search a car by myself?

What do I need to do at first to start car search with LACarex help?

Deposits and Refunds Questions

How I can make a Deposit? What are your company's bank wire instructions?

Why do I have to pay the deposit first?

What is a minimum required deposit? How do I know how much to deposit?

What is a security deposit and when will I be able to have it?

How many times will I be able to BID/BUY NOW towards my Security Deposit/Amount?

If my “BID” or “BUY NOW” was not successful then what will happen with my deposit?

What do i need to do to receive my refund? How long will the refund process take?

There is any fees or other charges in case of refund?

Buy Your Car

Which ways can you suggest me for buying a car?

What will happen if the bid for my prefered car is winning and if the bid is not winning?

What does “Buy Now” mean?

Can I offer a lower price than the “Buy Now” price?

Can I cancel my bid or “Buy Now”?

What can you do, how can you help me if I already bought a car from other sources?


How would I know if you received my payment?

What are the methods of payment?

How much time do I have in order to send the money to you?

Wht are the penalties if you do not receive my mony on time?

Do you offer financing?

Transportation and Shipping

How can I find out the shipping price for the car?

Can I use my own transportation company?

Is my vehicle safe while being transported between the states?

How can I check the status of my shipment?

How will my cars be shipped?

What is a “RO RO” shipping?

What is a “Container” shipping?

How many cars can be shipped in a 40 feet container?

What is consolidation?

Which port is better for consolidation?

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